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Including this:

STUDIO: The very beginning of a new body of work

Here we go... New ideas, new direction. Intersections of musical notation, craft process and concept-based art. Music theory meets color theory. I'm starting with a latch-hook rug of Bach's Prelude in C Major from the Well-Tempered Clavier Book I.

IDEA: Bach visualization

Another visualization of J.S. Bach, including a Prelude I'm planning to incorporate into my work. In this case, though, the Fugue in the second half is the most visually interesting part.

SHOW: Installation shots of Rudimentary

Took a few snapshots of my installation of "Rudimentary" at The Music School of Delaware. ('Pologies for the less-than-ideal lighting.) These long swoops were my last-minute work-around for the school's hanging system, but next time I would really love to hang the squares in irregular grids. I'll have to play around with how to give the flexible, fabric-like copper a stronger structure.

The Wheels / 8 squares, each 4"x4" / tarnished copper

The Stars / 16 squares, each 4"x4" / tarnished copper

Temple Court / 12"x12" / tarnished copper

SHOW: "Aubade" in FiberPhiladelphia

"Aubade: Mnemosyne Sings"
FiberPhiladelphia's Outside/Inside the Box exhibit
Crane Arts Building
March 2 through April 15, 2012

Be sure to walk all the way to the very back of the Icebox to see it...

SHOW: Rudimentary

On display at The Music School of Delaware's Wilmington Branch from February 26-April 26, 2012.
ru·di·men·ta·ry    /ro͞odəˈment(ə)rē/
Involving or limited to basic principles.
Immature, undeveloped or basic.

Art-making, for me, comes and goes in cycles, with intermediate periods of exploration, experimentation, uncertainty. I find a basic motif and repeat it, modify it, using the repetition to hone my ideas and resolve technical issues.

The artwork on display comes from one of these between-periods, where the ideas are germinating but the final results remain unknown. The samples are “rudimentary” in the most positive sense of the word — simple building blocks full of potential for constructing something mature, developed, complex.

Drawing on a long fascination with alchemy and curiosity about my quilt-making ancestors, the pieces use copper — considered the feminine element by alchemists — to recreate a handicraft traditionally made by women. The copper remains un-fixed so the tarnishing reaction will continue changing the artwork over time, making it seem alive. Each quilt block is unique, one of thousands that could be repeated and combined to make a larger pattern.